Laiholh (Hakha) / Chin (Haka)

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Tangka bawmhnak le kan rianttuannak dangdang kong theihtlei hna cu nangmah holh tein kan ngeih.

Bawmhnak seh thilri pakhatkhat na hman i holhlehmi theihtlei na zoh khawh lo ahcun, nangmah holh tein pehtlaihnak rak kan tuah.

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Nau ngeihnak / Having a baby

Thannak / Growing up

Ngakchia ngandamnak le himnak / Child health and safety

Aa thenmi nulepa / Separated parents

Umnak inn / Housing

I pehtlaihnak a thlengmi / Relationship changes

Innchungkhar le innchung puarhrannak / Family and domestic violence

Australia lei ah thialkaamnak / Moving to Australia

Kokek harnak / Natural disaster

Pensen laknak kum pawl / Retirement years

Atu lio ah rian a ngei lomi / Recently unemployed

Rian a kawlmi / Looking for work

Rian a tuan liomi / Working

Na tangka tawlrelnak / Managing your money

Rian cawnnak / Apprenticeship

Sii lei bawmhnak kawlnak / Seeking medical help


Pumtlinlonak he nunnak / Living with disability

Minung pakhat khat zohkhenhnak / Caring for someone

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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