Centrelink online account help - Update your child's education details for FTB

Instructions on how to view or update your child’s education details for Family Tax Benefit.

If your child’s study details change, you need to let us know. For example, tell us study details when your child either:

  • turns 16
  • stops or changes study after they turn 16.

Read more about Family Tax Benefit when your child is 16 to 19 or stops studying.

Step 1: get started

If you’re not already in your Centrelink online account, sign in to myGov and access your account.

Select MENU from your homepage.

Select My Family, followed by Family assistance, and Manage child education details.

Step 2: view or update your child’s education details

Select the pencil icon next to the child’s name you wish to view or update.

The next screen will show a summary of your child’s study details.

Select the pencil icon to update existing study details.

If there are no existing education details for your child, go to step 3 to add new study details.

You can now make changes, such as updating the date your child will start or finish their study.

Select Next once you’ve made your changes.

Step 3: add new study details

The education summary will show a summary of your child’s study details.

If you need to record new study details, select Add another.

If you don’t need to add further study details, select Next.

If you selected Add another, a new screen will display.

Add your child’s study details.

Select Next once you’ve added all the details.

Step 4: review and submit

Review the education summary for your child. If you need to make further changes, select the pencil icon.

If the information is correct and you don’t need to change anything, select Next to continue.

The Review and submit page will display a summary of the details you’ve provided. Select the arrow to view this information.

If all the details are correct, read the declaration. If you understand and agree with the declaration, select I accept this declaration, then Submit.

Step 5: get your receipt

We’ll give you a receipt when you submit your update. Please make a note of the Receipt ID for your records, then select Return Home.

Step 6: sign out

From your homepage you can complete other transactions or select the myGov icon to return to myGov.

For your privacy and security, sign out when you’ve finished using your myGov account.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022