Centrelink online account help - Update your savings details

Instructions on how to update your savings details including cash, cheques, loans, savings, deeming accounts, and deposit accounts.


You need to tell us when your circumstances change. This will let us assess your eligibility for payments and services using the correct details. Read more about changes to your circumstances and how it may affect your payment.

The screenshots in this guide are from a computer. The screen layout will look different if you are using a mobile device.

Step 1: view and update savings details

On the Income and Assets page, you can see the savings details you’ve already told us about.

Select either the:

  • pencil icon, to update your savings details
  • question mark icon, if you need help.

Enter the new details and select Save.

The details you entered will appear on the page. Check the information to make sure it’s correct.

Select either the:

  • pencil icon, to change your details
  • bin icon, to remove your details.


  • remove savings details, go to Step 2
  • add new savings details, go to Step 3
  • review and submit, go to Step 4.

Step 2: remove savings details

If you need to remove any of your savings details, select the bin icon.

The savings details you remove will turn grey.

If you’ve removed the wrong details, select Undo. This will bring back your savings details.


  • add new savings details, go to Step 3
  • review and submit, go to Step 4.

Step 3: add new savings details

To add new savings details, select Add savings.

Enter the new details, then select Save.

Your new details will show on the page. Check the information to make sure it’s correct.

Select either:

  • Next, if the details are correct
  • Back, if you need to change any of your details
  • Cancel, if you no longer want to continue or need to start again.

Step 4: review and submit

We’ll give you a summary of your updates.

If all the details are correct, read the declaration. If you understand and agree with the declaration, select I declare that: then select Submit.

Step 5: get your receipt

When you submit your update, you will get a receipt to let you know the update has been successful. Please make a note of the Receipt ID for your records.

We’ll also tell you if we need more details. You have 14 days to give this to us. You can give us the information using Upload documents in your Centrelink online account. Read our online guide about submitting documents with your Centrelink online account.

Select either:

  • Information you have provided, to view a summary of the details you’ve given us
  • Return Home, to go back to your online account homepage.

If you need to change other types of income and assets, we will ask you to update these next.

Read our online guides on how to update your:

You can also read our guide on other income including:

  • lump sum payments
  • commissions
  • list interests
  • grants and scholarships
  • leave payments
  • regular gifts you may receive.

Step 6: sign out

From your homepage you can complete other transactions or select the myGov icon to return to myGov.

For your privacy and security, sign out when you've finished using your myGov account.

Page last updated: 16 September 2019