Reviews and appeals

If you disagree with a decision we've made, you have the right to ask us to review our decision.

From July, we're reducing some income compliance debts to zero. We'll also refund money paid towards these debts. If you disagree with a decision about your debt, read more about Income compliance refund reviews and appeals.

Asking for a review of a decision

You can ask for a review of a decision about your Centrelink payments, Medicare debt or child support. To do this, write to us, call us or visit a service centre.

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Feedback and complaints

You can give us feedback or make a complaint at any time.

Read more about feedback and complaints.

Claiming compensation from us

You may be able to claim compensation from us if you believe we’ve made a mistake that caused you either:

  • financial loss
  • injury.

Read more about claiming compensation from us.

Page last updated: 15 July 2020