Natural disaster resources for community groups

Resources to help you support people in your community who have been affected by a natural disaster.

We know community groups play a big role in supporting people affected by a natural disaster.

Use these resources to help people who need financial support such as Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment. We also have resources about other support we have available.

You can find information about current support payments and eligible Local Government Areas on natural disaster events.

By using this eKit, you agree to use our resources in the exact form we provide them. Please don’t change the designs in any way.

Download the natural disaster resources eKit

Information about natural disaster support

Use these resources to support your conversations with people in your community about Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment and other financial support:

  • Australian Government Disaster Recovery (AGDRP) customer factsheet
  • Disaster Recovery Allowance (DRA) customer factsheet
  • newsletter article
  • self print poster
  • Services Australia mobile services factsheet
  • Services Australia payments and services customer factsheet
  • social media resources for disaster support
  • Someone to deal with us on your behalf factsheet
  • talking points about AGDRP and DRA.

Watch this video about disaster assistance payments and how to claim.

Information in different languages

We have resources in various languages about:

Information about other support

  • If a community member is going through a difficult time, let them know our social workers can help them.
  • Read about additional help if someone is affected by a natural disaster.
  • If you’re in a rural, regional or remote area, our Agents and Access Points can help with access to services.
Page last updated: 16 March 2023.
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