Disability Support Pension resources for community groups

Resources to help you share information about Disability Support Pension (DSP), including a DSP Easy Read guide, factsheets and more.

DSP is financial help if a person has a physical, intellectual or psychiatric condition that:

  • is likely to persist for more than 2 years
  • stops them from working.

Community groups play a big role supporting people to claim DSP.

To help, we’ve created a DSP eKit with targeted resources. This eKit can help you when assisting people with disability, their carers and families at different points in their claiming or payment journey.

By using this eKit, you agree to reproduce content in the exact form provided by us. Please don’t change the designs in any way.

DSP eKit

This eKit can help support people in your community to understand who can get DSP. It includes the following resources:

  • an Easy Read guide to DSP
  • a factsheet about medical evidence and rules for DSP
  • 4 factsheets about common reasons for DSP claim rejections, options and next steps after a claim rejection
  • a factsheet about a Disability Medical Assessment (DMA) which may be required to support a DSP claim
  • a DSP community PowerPoint presentation and talking points to help organisations learn and train their staff about DSP eligibility and payment rules.

Download the DSP eKit

Translated factsheets

For people who want to claim DSP, we have the following resources online:

More information

People can also use our DSP pre-claim guide. It can help people with disability, their carers and families decide whether to claim DSP. It won’t tell them if they’ll get DSP.

Page last updated: 2 July 2024.
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