ABSTUDY resources for community groups

Resources to help you share information about ABSTUDY, including factsheets, posters, videos and more.

ABSTUDY is a group of payments for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian students and apprentices.

Many community groups play a big role supporting people claim and manage ABSTUDY.

To help, we’ve created 2 ABSTUDY eKits with targeted resources. These eKits can help students and their families at different points in their study or training journey.

By using these eKits, you agree to reproduce content in the exact form provided by us. Please don’t change the designs in any way.

General ABSTUDY eKit

This eKit can help support people in your community to understand who can get ABSTUDY and what it pays for.

The General ABSTUDY eKit includes the following resources:

  • mini mag booklet explaining ABSTUDY support
  • an Easy Read guide to ABSTUDY
  • posters
  • social media tiles
  • payment matrix and reference guide to ABSTUDY
  • factsheets about ABSTUDY support when starting higher education, Lawful Custody Allowance and Indigenous careers in the APS
  • an infographic showing how ABSTUDY can help.

Download the General ABSTUDY eKit

ABSTUDY high school eKit

The start of high school is an important time in the ABSTUDY journey. It’s where most students first can get ABSTUDY and also when many need to move away from home to study. This eKit can help with this transition.

It contains the following factsheets for parents and guardians:

  • ABSTUDY payments when students live at home factsheet
  • How ABSTUDY helps students to succeed factsheet
  • Going to an open day with ABSTUDY factsheet
  • Preparing to travel with ABSTUDY factsheet
  • Moving away for high school with ABSTUDY factsheet
  • How to get ABSTUDY factsheet
  • Other times ABSTUDY pays for travel factsheet
  • ABSTUDY travel to school and back factsheet
  • How to avoid an ABSTUDY debt factsheet
  • Who can get ABSTUDY factsheet.

The eKit also contains the following resources:

  • mini booklet for high school students explaining how ABSTUDY helps with travel
  • posters to print and display
  • a newsletter article to encourage early claiming
  • a PowerPoint presentation about ABSTUDY to show to families of students starting high school
  • factsheet for staff and community members to help families claim
  • an ABSTUDY contact channels factsheet to help organisations support secondary students
  • social media tiles you can share on your accounts.

Download the ABSTUDY high school eKit


We have a range of video resources available about ABSTUDY.

These include:

You can share links to our videos on social media, in online newsletters and in presentations.

Translated videos

We have a series of ABSTUDY videos on YouTube translated into the following 5 Indigenous languages:

You can download the following English transcripts for the Indigenous language videos that appear in each series:

More information

If you’re an education provider, find out more about how you can support ABSTUDY students.

You can also download our School leavers resource eKit to help students understand the ABSTUDY support available after high school.

Page last updated: 12 June 2024.
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