Crisis Payment for Other Extreme Circumstances

You may get Crisis Payment if you’ve had to change where you live due to an unforeseen extreme circumstance.

To get this you must meet all of the following:

  • be moving house due an extreme circumstance, such as fire, flood or community violence
  • be eligible for, or getting, an income support payment or ABSTUDY Living Allowance
  • be in severe financial hardship
  • be in Australia when the extreme circumstance happened and when you submit your claim.

To find out the full conditions read who can get it.

If you live in a natural disaster impacted area

We have lump sum payments and ongoing, short-term allowances to help you, if you’re directly affected by a natural disaster. You can’t apply for the Crisis Payment for Other Extreme Circumstances if you’re eligible for one of these payments for the same circumstances:

  • Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment
  • Disaster Recovery Allowance
  • New Zealand Disaster Recovery Allowance
  • any other payment or allowance from your local or state or territory governments, or the Commonwealth.

You can read more about these payments if you need help in a natural disaster.

Page last updated: 10 February 2023.