How to balance your payment

We compare your income estimate with your actual income at the end of each financial year. This is how we check you got the right amount.

If you get Family Tax Benefit (FTB) or Child Care Subsidy (CCS), we need to balance your payments. We do this separately for each payment. Read more about:

After 30 June, we confirm the amount of income you got during the financial year. We then compare this with the income estimate you gave us. We do this to check that we paid you the right amount. This is what we call balancing your payments.

Most families need to confirm their income so we can start the balancing process. However, not everyone has to do the same thing for us to balance their payments.

If you got an income support payment we may balance your FTB without you doing anything.

Use our checker to see what you need to do at tax time.

Watch this video to find out more about balancing your family assistance payments.

Page last updated: 29 June 2023.
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