Balancing dates if you were single and got income support

If you got an income support payment for the financial year, we may balance your Family Tax Benefit (FTB) without you doing anything.

You don't need to do anything for your FTB to balance, if for the entire 2022-23 financial year all of the following applied:

  • you were single
  • you got an income support payment with no gaps in payment
  • your earnings didn’t reduce your income support payment to zero at any time in the year.

If your income support payment was cancelled or reduced to zero because you earned income, this counts as a gap in your payment. If that happened at any time during the year, we may not balance your payments without you confirming your income.

If you need to confirm your income, either:

If you are unsure if you need to lodge a tax return, check Do I need to lodge a tax return? tool on the ATO website.

If you got Child Care Subsidy (CCS) you must confirm your income. Read about when we balance your CCS.

When we'll balance your Family Tax Benefit (FTB)

The date you got your final FTB payment for the financial year determines when we do both of the following:

FTB payment dates

FTB payment dates if you got FTB in 2022-23

Date of your last 2022-23 FTB paymentBalancing startsDate we should pay supplements and top ups by
4 July 20234 July 202311 July 2023
5 July 20235 July 202312 July 2023
6 July 20236 July 202313 July 2023
7 July 20237 July 202314 July 2023
10 July 202310 July 202317 July 2023
11 July 202311 July 202318 July 2023
12 July 202312 July 202319 July 2023
13 July 202313 July 202320 July 2023
14 July 202314 July 202321 July 2023
17 July 202317 July 202324 July 2023

FTB supplements

When we balance your FTB, we’ll also check if you can get any supplements for the 2022-23 financial year.

If you're eligible, you may get any of the following:

The amount of supplement you’re paid can vary.

Read more about understanding your FTB balancing outcome.

When we'll balance your Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

We balance CCS separately to FTB. We’ll start balancing CCS for 2022-23 from mid-August 2023 once we get both of the following:

  • all attendance information from your child care service
  • confirmation of your family’s income.

We’ll then send you a letter explaining the outcome.

Read more about balancing CCS.

Page last updated: 5 April 2024.
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