Who can get it

Learn who can get Education Entry Payment (EdEP).

To get EdEP, you need to be doing approved study or training and get certain payments from us. Your eligibility will depend on the payment that you get.

If you get a payment with no time requirement

You can get EdEP if you study while you get Pensioner Education Supplement and one of the following payments:

It’s doesn’t matter how long you’ve been getting these payments for. You’ll get EdEP automatically once each calendar year as a recurring payment while you study.

If you get a payment with a 12 month time requirement

You may get EdEP if you’ve been getting either of the following payments for the last 12 months:

You can get a maximum of one EdEP every rolling 12 months. You’ll need to let us know when you start studying an approved course.

If you’re transferring to a student payment

Your situation or the course you’re studying may mean you have to transfer to one of the following student payments:

You may get EdEP when you transfer if you’ve been getting one of the following payments for 12 months:

You’ll get EdEP once only at the start of your course.

Page last updated: 28 September 2023.
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