How much you can get

Education Entry Payment (EdEP) is a one off payment of $208 a year.

How we pay you depends on the payment you get that makes you eligible for EdEP. You may get EdEP in one of the following ways:

  • once only
  • once a year
  • once a year as a recurring payment.

EdEP is a taxable Centrelink payment. Read about paying tax on your payment.

Who gets it once only

You’ll get EdEP if you’re transferring to one of the following student payments:

If you are eligible, you’ll get EdEP once at the start of your course.

Who gets it once a year

You’ll get your EdEP payment once a year if you study and get one of the following:

If you study the following year, you’ll be eligible for EdEP again, 12 months after your last payment. You’ll need to call us to claim each year. If you get JobSeeker Payment, you’ll need to have your course in your Job Plan.

Who gets it once a year as a recurring payment

If you get Pensioner Education Supplement, you’ll get EdEP with your first payment and then every year, while you keep studying.

You’ll get your recurring EdEP in January each year. This is regardless of when you get your first payment. This applies to people who study and get PES while getting one of the following:

When you’ll get your first payment

You’ll get your first payment either:

Page last updated: 19 April 2022