What financial help is available

Financial help from us and others if you’ve been affected by a disaster.

Disaster payments

The Australian Government and state and territory governments work together to provide help to people affected by a declared natural disaster. Read about natural disaster support.

If you’re getting an income support payment, you may have mutual obligation or participation requirements. If you’re affected by a disaster we may be able to give you extra help while you get an income support payment.

If you’re getting a payment from us, make sure you manage your payment so we pay you the right amount.

Our other payments

Income support payments

You may be able to get an income support payment. The type of payment you may get depends on your situation. Check if you’re eligible for a payment.

If you already get an income support payment, you may be able to get an advance lump sum payment.

Financial hardship payments

If you’re in financial hardship, there are some payments that may help.

Additional Child Care Subsidy Temporary Financial Hardship gives extra help with the cost of approved child care. It’s short-term help if you’re in financial hardship due to events outside your control. This includes when a major disaster event has adversely affected your family.

Carer Adjustment Payment is a one-off payment if your child under 7 gets a severe illness or major disability. The illness or disability must be because of a catastrophic event.

Crisis Payment for Other Extreme Circumstances may help if you’ve had to change where you live due to an unforeseen extreme circumstance. This includes flood, fire or community violence.

If you aren’t eligible for a payment, check if you can get a Special Benefit. This is only if you can’t get any other income support payment or benefit from us.

Other financial help

Australian Government agencies, organisations and charities can provide relief and recovery services and support. This includes financial and other support if you’ve been affected by a disaster. Find out more through Recovery Connect.

You can get an early release of your super to help with unpaid expenses. You can apply based on compassionate grounds from the Australian Taxation Office. If you’re in severe financial hardship, apply to your super fund.

Centrelink debt repayments

If you have a Centrelink debt, you can pause or change your repayments for up to 3 months.

Read about the disaster events where you have flexible debt repayment choices.

No interest loans

If you need a loan, check the Good Shepherd website to see if you can get a no interest loan.

Page last updated: 12 December 2023.
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