How to manage my current payment or card

There are things you need to do to keep getting your payment or replace a card if you’ve been affected by a disaster.

Update your details with us

If your details or circumstances change, tell us as soon as you can. This can include things like a temporary change of address.

If your Centrelink online account is linked to myGov, sign in now and select My details to tell us about your changes.

Sign in to myGov

You can also use the Express plus Centrelink mobile app.

If you can’t tell us online, you can:

Child Support

If you have a child support assessment and your situation has changed, you need to update your details. This includes if your income or care of your children has changed. This is important so we can make sure your assessment is correct.

If your Child Support online account is linked to myGov you can update your details online.

Sign in to myGov

You can also use the Express Plus Child Support mobile app or call the Child Support enquiry line.

Job seekers

Your mutual obligation or participation requirements may be paused because of a natural disaster. During this period, no payment suspensions or financial penalties will apply if you don’t meet your mutual obligation or participation requirements. Check which areas have a pause of requirements.

You must still report any income you and your partner get every 2 weeks, even if it’s $0. This is so we can pay you the right amount. Read about employment income reporting.

Replace a lost card

You can ask for a replacement concession or health care card.

You can use the self service facilities to order a replacement card at any of these:

You can also replace your Medicare card or get an extra card.

You can also get a digital copy of your card through the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app or Express Plus Medicare mobile app.

There may be some places that won’t accept a digital copy of your card. We’ll send your replacement card to the address you have registered with us. Don’t forget to update your address if it’s changed.

Replace a SmartCard

We can help you with the following:

  • getting a new or replacement card
  • activating your SmartCard
  • checking your balance
  • setting up direct debits
  • transferring money from your account to another enhanced Income Management account
  • setting up online accounts
  • setting up mobile apps
  • fixing any problems with the card
  • reporting a lost or stolen card.

If you have questions or need help to access funds, call the SmartCard eIM hotline. If you don’t have access to a phone, you can talk to us by visiting a service centre or participating Agent.

If TCU issued your card, they can help you in all the following ways:

  • access local branches in remote areas of the NT
  • access ATMs across the NT to check your balance
  • access face to face in-language and culturally sensitive services
  • activate your card
  • check your balance
  • set up direct debits
  • set up online accounts
  • set up mobile apps
  • fix any problems with your card
  • report a lost or stolen card
  • get a temporary replacement card.

Find the TCU branch locations on their website.

Page last updated: 20 April 2023.
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