New Zealand citizens claiming payments in Australia

If you’re a New Zealand citizen living in Australia you may be eligible to get Centrelink payments or concession cards.

Who can get payments

To get most Centrelink payments or concession cards in Australia, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • be an Australian resident
  • meet the eligibility rules for the payment
  • serve any waiting periods.

What payments you can get

The payments you can claim depends on the visa you have.

You must also meet criteria for the payment or card you claim.

When you hold a permanent residence visa

A permanent residence visa lets you live in Australia and will allow you to claim all Centrelink payments and concession cards.

When you hold a Special Category visa (SCV)

Protected SCV holders

If you live in Australia and you have a protected SCV, you can claim all Centrelink payments and concession cards.

Non-protected SCV holders

If you live in Australia and you have a non-protected SCV, you may be able to claim the following:

If you have served, or have an exemption from the newly arrived resident’s waiting period, you may also be able to claim:

If you’ve lived in Australia continuously for at least 10 years, you may be able to get a one off period of payment. This is a single period of up to 6 months for one of the following payments:

You may also be able to get the Tertiary Access Payment.

The 10 year period of living in Australia needs to be immediately before claiming.

Other services

Use the Workforce Australia employment services to help you look for work. At Workforce Australia you can use computers, newspapers, and other facilities.

Read more about Workforce Australia on their website.

When you claim under an international agreement

We have an agreement with New Zealand that may help you meet eligibility rules. It allows New Zealand citizens living in Australia to claim the following payments:

Page last updated: 15 March 2023.
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