Leaving school

Information to help you choose your next adventure if you’re about to or have just finished school.

Further study

Get ready to take your studies to the next level. Find out what support you can get to help with further study, like university or TAFE.

Read more about:

You can also get more information about government financial assistance for further study. Read more on both the:

Entering a trade or full time work

If you’re done with the books, get ready for your next adventure. Whether it’s work, work experience or starting your own business, we have options to support your next step.

Read about the financial help you can get while looking for work or doing an Australian Apprenticeship.

You can also get help from the Department of Education, Skills and Employment’s JobSearch website with:

Not sure what’s next

If you need help making your next decision, check out these options. Each of these links will take you off our website. You can:

Tools and information

We have tools to help you explore payments and get the latest information about changes for students. You can:

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Page last updated: 23 April 2021