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Deeming rules are used to work out income from your financial assets. We add this to your other income and apply the income test to work out your payment rate.

Advance payment

You may get part of your income support payment or Family Tax Benefit (Part A) early. This is an advance payment. You pay it back later out of your payments from us.

  2. When you’re in high school, university or other higher education

ABSTUDY for part time higher education

There’s ABSTUDY support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students doing an approved course part time.

  1. Relationship changes
  2. Most useful information

Relationship details - Separated under one roof form (SS293)

Use this form if you’re separated but live under the same roof as your ex-partner. This is so we can assess whether to pay you as a single person or as a member of a couple.

What are immunisation requirements

Your child must meet immunisation requirements if you get Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A or child care fee assistance.

  1. Separated parents
  2. Most useful information

Details of your child’s care arrangements form (FA012)

Use this form to provide information about your child’s care arrangements.

  1. Family Tax Benefit
  2. How much you can get

Family Tax Benefit Part A payment rates

The amount of Family Tax Benefit Part A we’ll pay you depends on your situation.

  1. Family Tax Benefit
  2. Who can get it

Family Tax Benefit Part B eligibility

We may pay you FTB Part B if you’re a single parent, a grandparent carer, or if you’re a member of a couple with one main income.

  1. Parenting Payment
  2. Who can get it

Principal carer rules for Parenting Payment

To get Parenting Payment you must be the main carer of a young child or children.

  1. Assets test
  2. Asset types


Superannuation is a long term savings structure to help fund your retirement.

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