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Jun 2024

There’s extra help available if you’re a pensioner and student

The Pensioner Education Supplement is a regular extra payment of up to $62.40 a fortnight that can help with your study costs.

Advance payment

You may get part of your income support payment or Family Tax Benefit (Part A) early. This is an advance payment. You pay it back later out of your payments from us.


Deeming rules are used to work out income from your financial assets. We add this to your other income and apply the income test to work out your payment rate.

Balancing dates if you were single and got income support

If you were single and got an income support payment for the entire financial year, we may balance your Family Tax Benefit (FTB) without you doing anything.

Proving your identity in person for a Centrelink payment

How to prove who you are in person at a service centre.

  2. When you’re in high school, university or other higher education

ABSTUDY for high school study

There’s ABSTUDY support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in secondary school.

Paying tax on a Centrelink payment

You may have to pay income tax on your taxable Centrelink payments.

Asset types

Assets are property or items you or your partner own in full or part, or have an interest in. They can affect your payment.

  1. Asset types
  2. Gifting

How much you can gift

Your payment may be affected if you gift more than the value of the gifting free area each year.

  1. Top payments

ABSTUDY for your school child living at home

There’s ABSTUDY support available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students attending school and living at home.

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