Who can get it

Learn who can get Education Entry Payment.

Approved payments

You may get it if you’ve had one or more of the following payments for the last 12 months:

You must also have started an approved course, and not had Education Entry Payment in the last 12 months.

You get Pensioner Education Supplement

You can get it if you haven’t got Education Entry Payment this year and get Pensioner Education Supplement.

You don’t need to have been getting one of these payments for 12 months to be eligible. You must also have started an approved course.

You’re about to claim a student payment

You may get it if you’re about to transfer to one of these payments:

You can get Education Entry Payment if both of the following must apply, you:

  • got an income support payment other than a student payment for at least 12 months before claiming a student payment
  • moved straight from a qualifying income support payment to a student payment.

Approved study or training

As a job seeker, your approved course must be in your job plan before you can get Education Entry Payment. The exception is if you’re transferring to a student payment.

You can’t get Education Entry Payment after you’ve finished your course.

Approved courses for Education Entry Payment may include:

It also includes both of the following which are available through the Department of Education Skills and Employment:

You should discuss what short courses are approved with your employment service provider.

Page last updated: 4 August 2021