Single Touch Payroll

Employers can now report payroll information to the Australian Government through Single Touch Payroll (STP). We use this information to improve our services and make reporting simpler for customers.

The benefits of Single Touch Payroll for our services

We use payroll information reported through STP to streamline claims, employment income reporting and other contact we have with customers.

As it’s reported each time employees are paid, it gives us regular and accurate information to work with.

Over time, customers will benefit from us using STP data to improve our services:

  • It will save them time filling out claims and reports - we’ll prefill details we already know
  • It will reduce how often we contact customers - STP data will give us some information that we currently need to confirm by phone or online
  • Streamlined claiming - customers won’t need to supply as many documents with their claims.

We’re making changes gradually. When customers see and can benefit from them will depend on the services they use. Their employer will also need to be using STP reporting.

The ways we share and protect information

We collect information about our customers, including data reported through STP, to deliver activities and services.

We follow a variety of laws, such as tax, social security and privacy, so their information is safe and secure. For example, we don’t get all the data reported about our customers through STP. We only get what we need to deliver our services.

You can read about how we collect and manage information in our Privacy Policy. Our data matching protocols have extra technical information about the information we collect through STP.

The improvements we’ve made

Enhancing Child Support processes

We use STP data to make sure we have the right details to contact employers. This means we can:

  • establish child support payments from an employee’s pay more efficiently where it is appropriate to do so
  • reduce the reporting burden for employers so they only have to give data to government once.

This saves employers and us a lot of time. It also means data is more accurate.

Improving Family Tax Benefit (FTB) processes

We contacted some FTB customers who needed to balance their payments at the end of the financial year to explain all of the following:

  • our new STP data sharing arrangements
  • what to do at tax time
  • why they should lodge a tax return.

This new process has had a positive impact in getting customers to lodge tax returns.

We’ve also looked at ways to remind customers to update their family income estimates. We now send SMS and email messages to customers when STP data shows:

  • their family income estimate may be too low
  • they have a new job or their employment has changed.

Accurate details help us pay customers the right amount.

Recovering debt

We use STP data to improve the customer experience if they have a debt to pay. STP data allows us to understand customers’ recent employment and income history. This helps us better assist them to repay any money they owe.

Page last updated: 18 May 2021