Single Touch Payroll reporting pay details for employers

There are things you must do when you use Single Touch Payroll to report your employees’ pay details.

What to report through STP

The information you report through STP is prefilled for our customers who are required to report their employment income to receive their Income Support Payment. For example:

  • income
  • paid leave
  • unused leave on termination
  • workers compensation
  • changes to employee details.

Employee details include all of the following:

  • when an employee stops working for you - include the cessation date and the reason code
  • when the basis of employment changes - for example, from full time to casual
  • when an employee’s income type changes - for example, from working holiday maker to salary and wages.

Reports you must make through STP

You must report when employees stop working for you and why through STP. Reporting this way may reduce the need to complete an Employment Separation Certificate.

Read more about reporting employment separation details using Single Touch Payroll.

Reports you can choose to make through STP

You can choose to report child support deductions and garnishee payments through STP.

Read more about reporting child support using Single Touch Payroll.

We keep STP data safe

We are committed to keeping STP data safe and secure. Read about how we protect STP data.

More information

You can get more details about reporting through STP on the following ATO website pages:

Page last updated: 2 April 2024.
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