Businesses and organisations working with us

Many businesses and organisations assist the Australian Government to deliver payments and services to Australians.

Agents and Access Points

Host organisations can apply to be Agents or Access Points to enhance customer access to our services.

Centrepay for businesses and organisations

Centrepay is a free and voluntary bill paying service for customers receiving Centrelink payments. We've made Centrepay easy for businesses and organisations. It can reduce your administrative costs, including additional costs caused by the withdrawal and reconnection of your service to a customer.

Income Management and your business or organisation

Your business or organisation may have customers who are on Income Management. If you provide essential goods and services, you can apply to be an Income Management organisation or BasicsCard merchant. This means that your customers will be able to spend their income managed money with your business or organisation.

Electronic Verification of Rent

Electronic Verification of Rent also known as EVoR provides a simple, secure method for community housing organisations to provide their customers’ current accommodation details to us.

Centrelink Confirmation eServices for businesses and organisations

Centrelink Confirmation eServices also know as CCeS provides authorised organisations with real time information about our customers.

Digital card information for businesses and organisations

The digital card is an Express Plus Centrelink mobile app feature enabling customers to use their smart device as an alternative to physical concession cards. Customers can use a digital copy of their concession card on their smart device when interacting with your business or organisation. We’ve made the Digital card easy for businesses and organisations.

Garnishee notice to employers for deductions from salaries or wages

We may ask you to make a deduction from your employee’s or subcontractor’s salary or wage. We will issue you with a garnishee notice to make the deductions.

Single Touch Payroll for employers

We use details you report through Single Touch Payroll (STP) to help us deliver payments and services to your employees if they’re our customer.

Page last updated: 21 September 2023.
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