Child Support and your business

Information for employers who need to make child support deductions on behalf of a paying parent or allied professional involved in child support matters.


We provide child support information for employers who are involved in the collection of child support.

Single Touch Payroll and Child Support Business Online Services provide you with a secure and easier way to manage employee child support deductions.

If we ask you, you are legally required to deduct child support payments from your employees and sub-contractors’ salaries or wages.

If your business is in administration or liquidation and you have an outstanding child support debt, you should tell us whether your debt is likely to be paid.

Legal Professionals

We have child support information for legal professionals if someone asks you for advice in child support matters.

Medical Professionals

We have child support information for medical professionals if a parent’s health affects their child support arrangement.

Page last updated: 19 September 2023.
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