Living with others

Find out how living with someone can affect your payments and services from us.

You may be living with:

  • housemates
  • your partner
  • ex-partner
  • a parent or guardian.

If you’re getting a payment from us and not living on your own, we need to know. The people you live with can affect the payments you get from us.

In a relationship

If you’re in a relationship, you need to tell us within 14 days.

Your partner’s income and assets can affect how much we pay you and what services you can get.

Read about getting together with a partner and how to tell us.

If you separate

If you separate from your partner, it can affect your payments. You’ll need to update your details with us. This is so we can assess you as single.

Read about breaking up and support for separated parents.

Shared housing

Living with someone who’s not your partner

Living with someone you’re not in a relationship with can still affect your payment. For example the amount of Rent Assistance you may get. This will depend on who you’re sharing with, and how you’re contributing to household costs.

You can let us know who you’re living with when you change your address.

If your Centrelink online account is linked to myGov you can sign in now to update your address details.

To do this:

  1. Sign in to myGov.
  2. Select My Details.
  3. Under Personal and contact details select Update address details then follow the prompts to update your details.

Sign in to myGov

You can also update your details with the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

When you’re single and share accommodation

You may need to complete and return the Relationship details form if:

  • you’re single
  • you share accommodation with anyone other than an immediate family member
  • the person you’re sharing with is 16 years or over.

The person you share with will also need to complete and return the Relationship details form. They don’t need to do this if it puts your safety at risk.

If you have safety concerns, please tell us on the form.

If you’re separated under one roof

If you share accommodation with your ex-partner, you and your ex-partner will need to complete and return the Relationship details - Separated under one roof form. Your ex-partner won’t need to complete the form if it puts your safety at risk.

We’ll need to regularly review your living arrangements. This is so we pay you the right amount.

What to do if you have safety concerns

If you have concerns about your safety, we may be able to help. We can help you if there’s a family and domestic violence situation. Talk to us if you’re in, have left, or are preparing to leave this relationship.

We take your privacy seriously. Whether you are leaving a relationship or living with abuse or violence, you should learn how you can keep your information safe.

Page last updated: 17 April 2023.
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