How you can help students learn about Centrelink payments

Information for education and training providers to help students and apprentices access our payments and services.

We have resources you can use to help you speak with students and apprentices about our payments. Knowing what support is out there can help them feel secure and confident in their decisions.

You can get information and resources for students in a variety of channels.

Getting information about student payments

We have information to help students find out what help they can get and how to apply through a variety of channels. You can use or share these resources with students.

Our eKits

We have a range of eKits available to help you share information about our payments. These include the:

On our website

We have information about:

The Customise and Print feature on the Youth Allowance, ABSTUDY and Austudy pages, lets you create a tailored information brochure.

In your email inbox

Get regular emails with updates, important information and changes to student payments by subscribing to our eNewsletters. Subscribe to both:

Printed products

We also have some student and general information available to order as printed products. You can order these products online.

We update our products as needed. You can read the most up to date information on our website.

On social media

For updates about student payments, follow Services Australia on Facebook or X. You can share our posts on your school’s social media page to make students aware of our payments. They can also go to our page to ask questions.

You can also watch and share our YouTube playlist for students and trainees. You'll find information about all of the following:

  • our main student payments
  • the extra support students can get
  • how to claim a payment.

Getting students ready to claim

Let students and apprentices know they can apply for some student payments up to 13 weeks before their course starts. Having their supporting documents ready will help them finish their claim. That way, they’re more likely to have their payment when they need it.

If they’re 24 or younger, they can follow these steps to claim Youth Allowance.

If they’re 25 or older, they can follow these steps to claim Austudy.

To claim ABSTUDY, they’ll need to follow different steps depending on which payment they’re claiming. You may also be able to claim some payments on their behalf. Read more about how you can support ABSTUDY students.

Page last updated: 13 November 2023.
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