Resources about avoiding a Centrelink debt

Resources about avoiding debt to share with TAFE and higher education students.

You can remind students of their responsibilities and help them avoid getting overpaid. If students get overpaid, they may have to pay money back.

Students getting a payment from us need to tell us about a change to their circumstances within 14 days. This includes if they withdraw from a subject or a course or if they change course or provider.

We’ve created resources to help you remind students to keep us up to date. This will ensure students can avoid a Centrelink debt.

Download the Resources about avoiding a Centrelink debt.

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If you use assistive technology and can’t access the resources, you can read more about owing money for a Centrelink debt. You can also call us on the Youth and students line.

What’s included

You’ll find these useful materials:

Resources How they can help

Print and display in universities, TAFEs, other higher education providers, student centres to:

  • remind students they could get overpaid if they don’t tell us when they drop a subject or course
  • tell students how they can let us know
  • tell students where to get more information.
Poster Print and display in universities, TAFEs, other higher education providers, student centres.
Newsletter article Publish the article in your own newsletter or online.
Social media graphic Publish the graphic on your social media accounts.
Website content Update your website by adding a link to our website from your pages about withdrawing from a subject or course.

What other resources you can use

We also have a number of videos on YouTube. Go to the Students playlist on YouTube to find an intro to student payments and many others. You can share links to any of our videos on your social media accounts or on your website.

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Page last updated: 10 December 2021