How to set up HPOS access

Complete the following steps to set up your access to HPOS as an individual.

Steps to set up access to HPOS as an individual


    1. Register for an individual PRODA account

    You need an individual PRODA account to access HPOS. PRODA is an online authentication system we use to verify your identity so that you can access government online services.

    Find out how to register for an individual PRODA account.


    2. Link your identifiers to HPOS to access more functionality

    When you link your identifiers, you’ll be able to access HPOS functions relevant to your identifiers.

    Once you have an individual PRODA account, you’ll be able to access HPOS through PRODA. You’ll only be able to use basic HPOS functionality until you link your identifiers to your HPOS account.

    Read how to link HPOS to your individual PRODA account.


    3. Set up your delegations

    You can set up delegations so that someone can do tasks on your behalf in HPOS.

    Find out how to set up HPOS delegations.


    4. If needed, link to your organisation's PRODA account

    You can access some HPOS functions as a member of an organisation. You may need to do this if you don’t have a Medicare Provider Number, or if your organisation needs to keep records to claim incentives.

    Your administrator needs to set up your organisation’s PRODA account. Then they can add you as a member. They will need your Registration Authority (RA) number to do this. You can find your RA number under My details tab in your PRODA account.


    5. Manage your details

    You can manage your details using HPOS. This includes your contact details, banking details and your provider numbers.

    Read more about managing your details in HPOS.

Page last updated: 18 July 2023.
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