Getting started as a software developer

Instructions on how to get started to develop software for our digital health and aged programs.

To develop software for us, you need to register for the Health Systems Developer Portal (the portal).

The portal is a secure platform that lets you access licensed development material and APIs. You can use the portal to help with product development and testing.

Only a legally authorised officer, for example, a director, can register the organisation in the portal. After you register your organisation, you can invite your staff members.

For detailed instructions about how to register, go to the portal, select Register your organisation, then download the Registration Guide.

Step 1: Register for an individual PRODA account

To get started, the legally authorised officer will need to register for an individual PRODA account.

Read more about PRODA.

Step 2: Register for the portal

After you register for an individual PRODA account, you can register your organisation in the portal.

On the portal homepage, select Register your organisation. You’ll need to:

  • enter your details and your organisation’s details
  • enter your PRODA number
  • enter your head office details and software development office
  • tell us about your production support office
  • provide your email notification preferences
  • enter your product platform type.

We’ll send you an email with your portal login details after we review your registration.

Step 3: Login to the portal

Login to the portal using your portal login details.

To access the development resources, you need to read and accept the Interface Agreement. The Interface Agreement is a legal contract between your organisation and us.

Once we process your agreement, you’ll get an email from us. This email will confirm you can now access the technical resources.

Step 4: Invite your staff to the portal

You’ll need to decide what level of access you want to give your staff. There are 3 levels of access:

  • administrator access
  • developer access
  • view only access.

After you invite your staff, they’ll get an email asking them to create a username and password. It can take up to 2 working days before they get access to the portal and licensed information.

Step 5: Begin developing products

You’re now ready to start developing for Web Services.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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