Healthcare Identifier (HI) Service for software developers

Information for software developers who want to develop or update products that connect to the HI Service.

You need to use the Healthcare Identifier (HI) licensed material and complete product testing if you want to either:

  • develop new products
  • update existing products that connect to the Healthcare Identifier (HI) Service.

You can access the HI licensed material in the Health Systems Developer Portal. The portal is a secure platform. You’ll need to register your organisation to access it.

You’ll need to be an authorised officer of your organisation and have an Individual Provider Digital Access (PRODA) account before you can register your organisation in the portal. You can create an individual PRODA account if you don’t have one.

Once you have registered your organisation in the developer portal, you’ll get an email from our Online Technical Support team. The email will tell you about the software development environment and how to access the technical resources.

You can use the resources to help with product development and some of the required product testing.

Testing is mandatory for all products developed or updated to connect with the HI Service. You need to complete the testing before we’ll give you production access.

There are 2 types of mandatory testing:

1. Notice of connection (NOC). This test confirms your product connects successfully with the HI. We manage the NOC testing process.

Once you’ve completed NOC testing for each version of your products, you must keep a record of the:

  • vendor ID
  • product name
  • product version.

Make sure you keep these details for each product until you get production access. Contact Online Technical Support to start the NOC testing process.

2. Conformance testing. This test is conducted by the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA). There is no associated cost.

The testing ensures that the software supports the safe implementation and use of health care identifiers in clinical environments. The specifications and conformance tests were developed by the ADHA in consultation with the digital health industry.

Information about starting the conformance testing process is available on the ADHA website. You can also email them with your questions.

We recommend products not directly connecting to the HI Service, but still using health care identifiers, complete conformance testing. This will ensure products use and manage health care identifiers in a way that supports clinical safety. We recommend you complete NOC testing before conformance testing.

Page last updated: 15 June 2024.
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