Connect with us on social media

You can connect with us through a number of official accounts. Use our social media to ask us questions and stay up to date.

Not safe to share personal information on social media

It’s important to remember, it’s not safe to share personal information like your CRN or Medicare number on social media.

Our social media accounts

We have a number of tailored accounts. We:

  • post about payments and services
  • answer questions
  • give useful tips
  • share news
  • give updates on relevant issues.

Facebook and Twitter


You can also follow Hank Jongen on Facebook and Twitter. Hank’s our spokesperson and a General Manager. He’ll update you about relevant topics and give insight into the work our staff do.

Help using Facebook

Watch our videos on YouTube about:


Our LinkedIn account gives information and updates for people looking for employment with us.


Our YouTube channels have videos to guide you. We have up to date information on:

  • our programs
  • services
  • myGov member services.

We also have insight into our customers and staff.

Our social media survey

Your feedback helps us improve our services. We may ask you to do a quick survey after you interact with us on social media. This 60 second survey is optional.

Our social media policies

We use social media to communicate with the public and stakeholders about our payments and services.

Read more about social media in Services Australia.

Page last updated: 3 August 2022