Social media in Services Australia

We use social media to communicate with the public and our stakeholders about our payments and services.

Connect with us

You can connect with us on Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. These accounts are there to help guide you and keep you up to date with our programs and services.

Read more about our social media accounts.

Beware of scams

Beware of scammers pretending to be us on social media. They may contact you via direct message or ask you to join a live chat. They’ll also ask for your personal information. We’ll never do these things online as they aren’t secure ways to share information.

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Policies on our social media accounts

This policy contains our rules in relation to social media.

Read the policies on our social media accounts.

Social Media Policy for Services Australia staff

This policy applies to all Services Australia staff and contractors and outlines their responsibilities when using social media.

Read the Social Media Policy for Services Australia staff.

How we use social media

We have official accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, X and YouTube.

We aim to help you by responding to your questions online and correcting misinformation. We pass on feedback from social media sites to our business areas to improve our services.

What you can expect from us

We will never ask you for personal information through social media. If we need personal information to answer your question or help you, we will ask you to use a more private channel. You can use our Express Plus apps, your online account, call us, or visit your nearest service centre.

We monitor our social media accounts and respond to questions during business hours, Monday to Friday.

We aim to respond to your questions on the same day. Sometimes, where a question is posted late in the day, or where your question is more complex, there can be brief delays.

The posts we make on social media sites are official and on behalf of Services Australia.

In an emergency, we use our social media accounts to inform people about the services and financial help we can provide. We also share this information on community and local media accounts.

Page last updated: 31 May 2024.
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