Video chat gives people more options to do business with us

People can now book a video chat appointment with a Financial Information Service (FIS) Officer.

Video chat is great if people can’t or don’t want to come into a service centre.

Matt is one of our FIS Officers who uses video chat to talk to customers. He says ‘there’s no disadvantage for a customer, regardless of where they’re located.’

Video chat offers people the choice to connect with specialist staff in a way that’s convenient to them. Matt says, ‘they like that there’s flexibility in finding an appointment time that suits them.’

FIS is a free service that can inform and educate people about financial matters.

FIS Officers can help with any life event, from studying to having a baby or planning to retire. People don’t need to be getting a payment to talk to a FIS Officer; anyone can use this service.

We’ve also used video chat to help some of our customers confirm their identity. This has helped them complete their online claim.

And we’re looking at more ways to use video chat in the future.

We also have free FIS webinars to help people understand their finances.

Watch the video to hear FIS Officers Matt and Jane talk about how video chat is giving people choice.

Page last updated: 19 March 2024.
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