Personalised messaging and services on our phone lines

When customers contact Centrelink by phone and authenticate, we may provide personalised help and information through our Smart IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

The Smart IVR can alert customers to an outstanding task or possible impacts to their payments and services. In the Smart IVR, customers may also be able to complete some simple tasks themselves, such as confirming or updating a phone number or requesting a myGov linking code - all before speaking with a service officer.

Some customers may be able to complete their enquiry entirely within the Smart IVR, without needing to speak to a service officer. If a customer still chooses to speak to a service officer, the results of their interaction within the Smart IVR will be provided to the service officer, saving the customer time.

Work is underway to expand the use of Smart IVR so we can continue to deliver simple and helpful services for our customers.

Page last updated: 23 November 2022.
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