Technology serving communities

We’re harnessing the latest technology to help flood affected Australians.

Community Engagement Officer Sam helping customers in South East Queensland

Technology has played a crucial part in our efforts to help flood affected Australians.

Our Emergency Reserve staff deployed to disaster areas often face internet and phone service issues. To combat this, we have emergency response kits and other technology available that help staff provide on-the-ground emergency support quickly.

The technology available includes mobile phones, Surface Pro tablets, and Wi-Fi dongles to overcome adverse conditions. This allows staff to access and give information face-to-face about our payments and services.

Sam, a Community Engagement Officer in South East Queensland, used the equipment to process disaster payments immediately. Some of her customers had lost everything, including their phones, to the floods. Using her equipment, Sam was able to go beyond her flood response work. She helped customers contact their bank, get identity documents, and look for work.

Our Mobile Service Centres (MSCs) supported our emergency response. The technology in these trucks allowed us to help customers and process their claims.

‘Anything done in a Service Centre can be done in a MSC,’ Paul from the Mobile Servicing Team said. ‘Each MSC is an “office on wheels.”’ They are trucks measuring 33 square metres. Each contains self-service PCs, interview rooms, printing and scanning facilities, and wheelchair access. They have their own secure internet connection and backups in case of connectivity issues.

While MSCs rely on wireless internet connection, there are plans to use satellite connectivity in future.

Page last updated: 6 December 2022.
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