Making it easier to call us

Customers can now create a voiceprint over the phone. It’s a quick and secure way to confirm their identity when calling about a Centrelink or Child Support matter.

Voice biometrics uses unique features in a voice, similar to a fingerprint, to create a voiceprint.

Every time a customer uses their voiceprint, our system checks it. It uses secure technology to check parts of a person's voice that the human ear cannot.

Customers have a higher level of security by using their own voice to access their personal details. They also have more opportunities to self serve while on the phone. Our phone self service line uses voice biometrics to access a customer's record. This means a customer can complete multiple transactions without needing to talk to a service officer.

Three million customers created their voiceprint and used it more than 12 million times in the 2020-21 financial year which reduced their call time.

Learn more about how to create a voiceprint.

Page last updated: 23 November 2022.
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