New myGov app fast improving access to government services

We’ve developed a new app that gives customers a simple, secure and convenient way to connect with government.

The new myGov app is a significant step forward in how we’re modernising our technology for customers.

We know most people already use their mobile device to sign in to myGov. With the new app, we’re giving people more choice and control over how they connect with government.

The app is designed specifically for their smartphone, making it more secure, convenient and user friendly.

Liz, director of the myGov Research and Service Design team, said people are providing positive feedback on their experience with the app.

‘They’re telling us the app is easy to use and helps them access their linked services quickly.

‘It’s easier to access their myGov Inbox and see important messages.

‘The intuitive features of the app make using myGov on their mobile better than ever.

‘This includes being able to use the inbuilt accessibility functions of their phone, such as increased text size.

‘By using facial and fingerprint recognition technology, we’ve made signing in to myGov simple - no usernames, passwords or SMS codes needed.’

With more than one million app registrations in 3 months, people are clearly embracing the app.

Releasing the new app is just the first step. We’ll continue to add features and improve the app over time to meet people’s expectations.

Watch the myGov app video to see how we’re making it simple and easy to deal with government.

Find out more and download the new myGov app.

Page last updated: 19 March 2024.
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