Depending on your situation, there are payments and services you may get.

Refugees and humanitarian entrants


As a refugee or humanitarian entrant, income support payments you may be able to get include:

You may also be eligible for other payments:

  • Crisis Payment is a one-off payment for humanitarian entrants arriving in Australia for the first time.
  • Special Benefit is a payment if you’re in severe financial need and can’t get another payment from us.
  • Rent Assistance is extra help if you pay rent and get certain payments from us.

Family payments and services

You may be able to get payments to help you with the costs of raising your family:

Read about other help you may get with your child's education and health care.

Other financial help

If you’re in the Community Support Program, you’ll get financial help from a person or group. They will provide an Assurance of Support. This is an agreement to support you for your first 12 months in Australia. It covers costs like visas and rent.

Read more about the Community Support Program on the Department of Home Affairs website.

If you’re a humanitarian entrant, you may also get help from the Department of Home Affairs. Read more about the Humanitarian Settlement Program on the Department of Home Affairs website.

Health services

We help cover the costs of some health services if you’re eligible.

Asylum seekers

If you’re waiting to hear about your immigration status, you may be able to get Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) payment. The Department of Home Affairs assesses whether you’re eligible and lets us know.

If you get SRSS payment, you may be eligible for help to cover the cost of some health services.

If the Department of Home Affairs assesses you to be a refugee, you may be eligible for our other payments and services.

Waiting periods

There are waiting periods for some payments, depending on your situation and visa type.

We’ll tell you if there’s a waiting period when you apply.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021