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Learning about child support

Information to help you decide the type of child support arrangement that’s right for your family. There’s help to calculate and apply for child support.

  1. Child support assessment
  2. How we work out your assessment

How your percentage of care affects your child support payments

We consider each parent or non-parent carer’s care of the child as part of our child support assessment. This is their percentage of care.

  1. Help for myGov, online accounts and mobile apps
  2. Child Support online help guides

Child Support online account help - Advise change of care arrangements

Instructions on how to tell us about a change of care arrangements using your Child Support online account.

  1. Child support assessment
  2. How to manage your assessment

Child support assessment if you go to prison

You must tell us if you go to prison. This is so we can make sure your child support is accurate.

  1. Crisis Payment
  2. Crisis Payment for extreme circumstances family and domestic violence

How much Crisis Payment for Extreme Circumstances Family and Domestic Violence you can get

You can get this Crisis Payment once per incident or circumstance.

  1. Top payments
  2. Parenting Payment

How much Parenting Payment you can get

How much Parenting Payment you can get depends on your and your partner’s circumstances.

  1. Parenting Payment
  2. Who can get it

Principal carer rules for Parenting Payment

To get Parenting Payment you must be the main carer of a young child or children.

Setting up online accounts for Centrelink

To do your business with us, create a myGov account and link it to Centrelink.

What are immunisation requirements

Your child must meet immunisation requirements if you get Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A or child care fee assistance.

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Child Support statutory declaration - the persons named in the form are named on the birth certificate for the children form (CS4648)

Use this form to make a statutory declaration if you and the other person named in your child support application are named on the birth certificate for the child.

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