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What you can do with your Child support online account

You can use your Child Support online account to check payment details and keep your personal details up to date.

Paying child support by Private Collect or self-management

If you use self management or Private Collect, you don't need to tell us your payment plans. You both need to understand and agree on them.

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Application for Post Separation Income to be Excluded form (CS4120)

Use this form to apply to exclude additional income from your child support assessment. This is income you earned after you separated from the child's other parent.

Payment schedule and rates for people outside Australia

We’ll pay your pension differently if you live outside Australia on a permanent or long term basis.

  1. Child Support online accounts
  2. How to set it up

Child Support online accounts terms and conditions

These terms and conditions govern how you use Child Support online accounts.

Balancing dates if you’re single and get income support

If you got an income support payment, we may balance your Family Tax Benefit (FTB) without you doing anything.

Payments while outside Australia

To get your payment or concession card while outside Australia, you must continue to meet the qualification rules at all times.

Severe financial hardship provisions

We may reduce or waive your waiting period for a payment if you meet the severe financial hardship provisions.

myGov help - Create a myGov account

Use myGov to access Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support, all in one place. This guide shows you how to create a myGov account.

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Profit and Loss Statement form (SU580)

Use this form if you are a sole trader, subcontractor or a partner in a partnership that has started new employment or a new business.

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