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  1. Paid Parental Leave scheme for employers
  2. How to register

Preparing for Parental Leave Pay

There are steps you should follow to ensure you’re prepared to provide Parental Leave Pay.

Changing your care arrangements

If the amount of time you care for a child changes, this may affect your payments and services.

  1. Family Tax Benefit
  2. What can affect your payment

Healthy Start for School health check

If your child is turning 4, they may need to have a health check. If they don’t, your Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A rate may reduce.

  1. Disability Support Pension
  2. How we assess your claim

Job Capacity Assessment for Disability Support Pension

You may need to attend an assessment when you claim Disability Support Pension (DSP). If you already get DSP, you may need to do this as part of a medical review.

Help to get work with jobactive

jobactive is a service that helps connect you with employers and find work.

  1. Disability Support Pension
  2. How to manage your payment

Travel outside Australia rules for Disability Support Pension

There are rules about how long we pay your Disability Support Pension (DSP) while outside Australia.

  1. Paid Parental Leave scheme for employers
  2. How to manage your role in the scheme

Appealing or disputing a Paid Parental Leave scheme decision

You can ask for a review or appeal a decision we make.

  1. Policies
  2. Work Health and Safety policies

Contractor safety management

We are committed to the health and safety of all people working for us, including contractors.

  1. Income Management
  2. Who can get it

Referral by child protection authority for Income Management

Your payments can be income managed if your local child protection authority refers you.

  1. When Australians go overseas
  2. About reciprocal health care agreements

Reciprocal Health Care Agreement - visiting Sweden

The Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA) we have with Sweden may cover some of your medical costs in the Swedish public health system.

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