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  1. Managing your money
  2. Most useful information

Centrelink online account help - Manage your income and assets details

Instructions to update your income and assets details using your Centrelink online account.

  1. Reciprocal Health Care Agreements
  2. When you visit Australia

Reciprocal Health Care Agreements - visiting from New Zealand

If you’re visiting Australia from New Zealand, you may be eligible for medical care under Medicare while you’re here.

  1. Special Benefit
  2. Who can get it

Income and assets test for Special Benefit

We use income and assets tests to check if you can get Special Benefit. We also use these to work out how much you can get.

  1. Parental Leave Pay
  2. How much you can get

Getting your Parental Leave Pay

In most cases your employer will deliver your Parental Leave Pay to you. Sometimes, we’ll pay you directly.

  1. Farm Household Allowance
  2. How much you can get

Activity supplement for Farm Household Allowance

You can claim an activity supplement if you get Farm Household Allowance (FHA).

  1. Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme
  2. How to manage your payment

Change of circumstances when you get Assistance for Isolated Children

If your circumstances change, this may affect your eligibility and payment of Assistance for Isolated Children.

  1. Centrepay
  2. What other help is available

Centrepay - banking options

Talk to your bank to make sure you have the best kind of account for you.

  1. Parental Leave Pay
  2. How to claim

Claiming timeframes for Parental Leave Pay

It’s best to claim Parental Leave Pay before your child's birth or adoption. You need to claim within 1 year of their birth or adoption.

  1. Top payments
  2. Additional Child Care Subsidy

How much Additional Child Care Subsidy payment you can get

The amount of Additional Child Care Subsidy you can get depends on the type you’re eligible for.

  1. Top payments
  2. Centrepay

What Centrepay is

Centrepay is a free bill paying service. Use Centrepay to arrange regular deductions from your Centrelink payment.

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