Income Management organisations

Customers who are income managed can purchase goods and services from you, using their Income Management money.

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By agreeing to get Income Management money, you will get one of the following:

  • more frequent and regular payments from customers whose payments are income managed
  • improved cash flow
  • a reduction in overdue bills
  • a reduction in the amount of time and money spent on administering bad debts and service disconnections.

Online search tool

If you have a contract with us your business is automatically included in our Find a business or organisation search tool. It helps customers to quickly and easily see if they can purchase essential goods and services from you.

If your business does not wish to be displayed on this search tool, please email Income Management and BasicsCard Merchant Helpdesk to be removed.


To start getting Income Management money from your customers, call the Income Management and BasicsCard Merchant Helpdesk. They will tell you the most appropriate way for your organisation to participate.

How to get payments

We can make payments to your business in the following ways. By:

  • BPAY – by using your BPAY biller reference number and the customer’s BPAY Customer Reference Number (CRN)
  • direct deposit into your bank account using your business’s BSB and account number, or
  • contractual arrangements may be available if your business is in an income management area – under these arrangements we’ll make payments to a nominated bank account and issue you with a report advising you of the payment details.

By handling income managed money, you agree your business won’t let customers using their income managed money for the following:

  • alcohol
  • tobacco or tobacco related products
  • pornography products
  • gambling goods or services.

Please note, you can’t give cash refunds at all. If your customer is entitled to a refund, you agree to return the money to us so it can be returned to their income management account.

Customers can choose to pay your business one off or regular payments. If their Centrelink payments stop, payments to your organisation will also stop.

If someone is in credit when they stop being your customer, you will have to return the money to us. You need to contact us so we can return it to the customer’s Income Management account.

There are no fees associated with getting Income Management money.

Approved Schedule 4 or 5 organisatons

If you’re approved as an Income Management Schedule 4 or Schedule 5 participant, we may review your business at any time. This is to ensure you’re complying with the terms and conditions. If you’re in breach we will support you to become compliant and if you are unable to do so, we may revoke your approval.

You must read and comply with all of the following:

Deduction reports

We provide Schedule 4 and Schedule 5 organisations with online payment and deduction information. You’ll get regular deduction reports in your chosen format to reconcile against your bank account.

To add a new user to Centrelink Business Online Services, complete the Business Online Services – User Details form. This gives individual staff members in your organisation access to Centrelink Business Online Services. They can then access your Centrelink deduction reports. These detail all your Income Management deduction information.

Deductions and Payments Application

As a Schedule 4 or Schedule 5 organisation you will also have access to the Deductions and Payments Application (DAPA). This online service provides you with information about customer deductions and payments made to your organisation. The service allows you to view all of the following:

  • individual customer payment details
  • payments sent to your organisation
  • future deductions.

Deductions for Income Management can be added at any time by the income managed customer.

Contact us

For more information about income management and your business, contact the Income Management and BasicsCard Merchant Helpdesk.

Page last updated: 17 November 2022