How to apply

You can apply for the Practice Incentives Program (PIP) and individual incentives online or manually.

Apply for PIP online

You can apply for PIP online through HPOS, using your PRODA account. If you don’t have a PRODA account, you can register.

Once you've created your PRODA account, you need to link your account to HPOS.

To apply for PIP:

  1. log into your PRODA account to access HPOS.
  2. select the PIP Online tile on the My programs menu.
  3. select Apply Now in the Apply for the Practice Incentives Program (PIP) section.

Once you complete your online application you’ll need to complete and submit 2 forms:

  1. Practice Incentives Practice ownership details and declaration form (IP008). This needs to be signed by all owners who wish to be listed in PIP. Submit this with a copy of your accreditation or registered for accreditation certificate.
  2. Practice Incentives Individual general practitioner, nurse practitioner or health practitioner details form (IP003). This needs to be signed by the practitioner. This is required for any procedural general practitioners.

You can upload these to the associated documents screen when applying for PIP through HPOS.

Apply for PIP manually

You can lodge a Practice Incentives application form (IP001) by faxing it to us.

You must provide the supporting documents requested on the application form. Incomplete applications may delay the approval process.

Apply for individual incentives online

You can do this at the same time you apply for PIP through HPOS, or afterwards.

To apply for incentives:

  1. log into PIP Online using your PRODA account.
  2. select Incentive Summary from the main menu options.
  3. you'll be shown a list of the PIP Incentives.
  4. select Apply in the Actions column for the incentive you’d like to apply for.

Apply for individual incentives manually

Complete the relevant incentive form you’re applying for and fax it to us.

You can only apply for the eHealth and Quality Improvement incentives online through HPOS.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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