Express Plus Centrelink mobile app help - Set up app

Instructions on how to sign in and set up the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

Before you start

To download the app, you need to be connected to the internet. Make sure you’re using Wi-Fi or you have enough data on your device.

You’ll also need a myGov account linked to your Centrelink online account to use the app. If you need a myGov account or help linking your Centrelink online account, read our online guides.

The screenshots in this guide are from a mobile phone, but you can do the same on a tablet.

Remember to stay safe online. Before you download, check the Centrelink app is the right one. Make sure Services Australia is the developer.

Sign in and set up for Apple and Android

Step 1: open app

When downloaded, the app will appear on your device.

To open the app, select either:

  • Open from the App Store
  • the Centrelink icon on your device.

Step 2: sign in and set up app

When open, select Start now.

Read the Express Plus Terms and Conditions. These may vary depending on the device you use. If you understand and agree with them, select I accept.

Before you can use the app, you’ll need a myGov account with Centrelink linked.

If you don’t have a myGov account yet, you can create one.

Select Sign in with myGov.

Enter your myGov username or email and Password, then select Sign in.

If you’ve forgotten your myGov details, select Forgot username or Forgot password. This takes you to myGov, where you can recover your username or reset your password.

Step 3: answer question or enter code and accept terms

We’ll ask you to either answer a secret question or enter a code. This will depend on the option you use to sign in to your myGov account.

If you use myGov secret questions and answers

Answer your myGov secret question, then select Next.

If you use codes

If you use codes, we’ll send a code to you as an SMS. Enter this code, then select Next.

Or, if you use the myGov Code Generator app, open the app, enter the code on your screen, then select Next.

Read the Terms of use. If you understand and agree with the myGov Terms of use, select I agree.

Step 4: create your myGov PIN

Choose 4 numbers to create your myGov PIN. Enter your myGov PIN in the boxes, then select Next.

For your myGov PIN you can’t use:

  • 4 of the same numbers, for example 5555
  • a repeat of paired numbers, for example 1212
  • sequential numbers, for example 1234 or 9876.

Re-enter the numbers to confirm your myGov PIN, then select Confirm.

We’ll tell you when your myGov PIN is created. Select Continue.

You’re now signed in to the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app. You can now manage your Centrelink information using the app.

Read more about what you can do using the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

Step 5: sign out

For your privacy and security, sign out when you’ve finished using the app.

To sign out, select More, then Sign out.

View other online account and Express Plus mobile app guides and video demonstrations about using your online account.

Page last updated: 16 October 2023.
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