Express Plus Centrelink mobile app help - How to use video chat for appointments

You can use video chat for some appointments using the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app. Video chat appointments are currently available by offer only.


To attend a video chat appointment, your mobile device or computer must have a microphone, camera and access to the internet or data. Make sure you have these in place before booking a video appointment.

You may need to download the free Microsoft Teams app when using a mobile device.

You can search Microsoft Teams in your app store or select one of the following:

You can also learn more about using Teams and how to Join a Teams meeting from the Microsoft website.

Step 1: get started

Sign in to the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app by selecting Start now.

Step 2: open the Microsoft Teams video chat

To access the video chat appointment details, select the appointment from your home screen.

Do this 5 minutes before your appointment time.

The video chat appointment details will show. Select Join meeting.

If you need to download the Microsoft Teams app, you can select the Get Teams.

If you already have the app, you can select Join meeting.

Enter your name and select Join now.

Wait 15 minutes for us to start the appointment with you. If we don’t join, call us on the number provided in your appointment letter.

Step 3: sign out

When you finish your appointment, select Hang up to end the call.

For your privacy and security, sign out when you’ve finished using the app.

Page last updated: 5 May 2022