Centrelink debts and overpayments

Information to help you avoid being overpaid or to manage owing money for a Centrelink debt.

Our priority is to help you get the right payment at the right amount.

Sometimes overpayments happen. When they do, we’re here to help. We can help you understand why it occurred so it doesn’t happen again.

Sometimes we’ll call you or send you a text message. Make sure you check it’s us and not a scammer. If you’re not sure if a call is from us, hang up and call our Debt Recovery Line.

If you owe money, we want to help you repay it in a way that best suits your situation.

Read about what happens if you don’t take any action to repay a Centrelink debt.

Taking money from your tax refund

If you have an outstanding debt with us, we can take money from your tax refund to pay it. We will only do this in some situations. Read more about how we recover debts at tax time.

Contact numbers available on this page.

Centrelink debt recovery line

Use this line to discuss repaying an existing Centrelink debt.

Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm

There are other ways you may want to contact us.

Page last updated: 21 March 2024.
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