When you need to pause your debt repayments

You might need to pause your repayments if you’ve been impacted by a crisis, disaster, emergency event or you’re experiencing hardship.

If you’re impacted by a disaster or emergency event

If you’re affected by a declared disaster or significant emergency event, you can pause or change your debt repayments online. If you don’t, your repayments will continue as normal.

We’ll continue investigating overpayments and contacting you if you’ve been overpaid during and after an event. You’ll then have the choice to manage your repayments based on what is best for your situation.

To pause or change your debt repayments online, you can use the Money you owe service in either:

You can also use phone self service by calling the Centrelink debt recovery line.

If you’re directly affected by a declared natural disaster and you’re in an eligible Local Government Area, there are payments available.

If your debts were paused due to a disaster event before 1 August 2022, there is information available about when your repayments will start.

If you need to change your repayments for other reasons

If you have a Centrelink debt and you’re in financial hardship, you can ask us to change your repayments at any time. You may also be able to change your debt repayments if you’ve been granted a disaster or hardship payment in the last 14 days.

You can change your debt repayments by using the Money you owe service in your Centrelink online account through myGov or the Express Plus Centrelink app.

You can also call us on your regular Centrelink payment line or the Centrelink debt recovery line.

We’re here to help and can support you to repay money you owe in a way that suits your financial situation.

Page last updated: 7 October 2022