Understanding government disaster support

The Australian Government and state and territory governments work together to provide support if you’re affected by an eligible natural disaster event.

This arrangement is called Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA).

As part of DRFA, the Australian Government may fund up to 75% of the assistance available to individuals and communities. The state or territory government decides the areas that get assistance and the type of assistance available. You can apply for this assistance directly from your state or territory government.

Sometimes, a major disaster has a significant impact on people and additional assistance is needed. The Australian Government may provide the one-off Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment or the short-term Disaster Recovery Allowance. You can apply for this assistance from us.

You can read more about the Australian Government-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements on the Disaster Assist website.

Page last updated: 8 June 2023.
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