Help for people directly affected by a natural disaster in Queensland, such as fires, storms or floods.

Support for people affected by Queensland bushfires

Support is available for people affected by the bushfires in Queensland. Read about support for Queensland Western and Darling Downs Bushfires, October 2023.

We provide Australian Government assistance such as Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment and Disaster Recovery Allowance when there’s a declared natural disaster event.

Your state government provides assistance which may include grants and loans.

You may be eligible for both Australian Government and state government natural disaster support.

Australian Government support

To find what Australian Government support is available, select the event affecting you.

Queensland Government support

The Queensland Government provides support for people affected by a natural disaster.

This may include:

  • individual and business grants
  • loans for small businesses and non-profit organisations
  • help from a Community Recovery Officer.

Check what emergencies and natural disaster assistance you can get on the Queensland Government website.

The Australian Government and state and territory governments work together to provide support if you’re affected by an eligible natural disaster event. Read more about how government disaster support works.

Other support

If you’ve been affected by a disaster, there may be other payments or support services to help you. Read about other support and additional help for natural disasters.

Page last updated: 30 November 2023.
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