Someone to act for you

You can ask someone to act for you with Medicare, Centrelink, aged care or Child Support. You can authorise them to speak to us, update your details and get payments for you.

If you need to change your authorised representative and you’re worried about your safety, we may be able to support you. Speak with one of our social workers if you are in, have left, or are preparing to leave a family and domestic violence situation. You can visit one of our service centres or call us on 132 850.

Medicare, Centrelink or aged care, and Child Support each has a separate process to authorise your own representative.

If your employer is expected to deliver your Parental Leave Pay, you don’t need to make them a payment nominee. We’ll contact them to arrange payments to pass on to you. Find out more about getting your payment.

Page last updated: 24 April 2024.
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