We may review if you still meet medical and non-medical rules to keep getting Disability Support Pension (DSP).

We may review if you still meet the medical and non-medical rules. This is to make sure DSP is the right payment for your situation.

We may stop your payment if you don’t meet these rules.

What the types of reviews are

There are a number of reviews you may need to do to keep getting DSP.

Medical reviews

We may ask you to take part in a medical review.

This helps us make sure that:

  • we have up to date information about the impact of your conditions
  • you meet current medical rules for DSP.

Read more about medical reviews and what to do if we contact you to participate in a review.

Non-medical reviews

We may ask you to take part in a non-medical review.

This helps us make sure that you still meet the non-medical rules, such as:

  • income
  • assets
  • residence
  • relationship status
  • any other factors that may affect your DSP.

If you live outside Australia and are over 80 you’ll need to complete a proof of life review.

Income stream reviews

If you receive regular payments from accumulated superannuation contributions, we’ll ask you to report on them each year. We do this because how much you earn affects your payment. Read more about income stream reviews.

What else you need to know

You need to tell us if you have a change of circumstances.

You also need to meet participation requirements if they apply to you.

If we stop your DSP you may be able to get other payments.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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