Other forms you may need to complete

When you make your claim for Disability Support Pension, we may ask you to give us more information.

You may need to complete some extra forms. Your claim will tell you which ones.

Your situation Forms you may need to complete
want another person to act on your behalf Authorising a person or organisation to enquire or act on your behalf
aren’t already getting an income support payment, such as JobSeeker Payment or Youth Allowance or are claiming because you’re permanently blind and also claiming Rent Assistance Income and Assets
have received compensation or damages Notes for Compensation and Damages
have recently left your employment Employment Separation Certificate
are under 18 and it’s unreasonable for you to live at home Unreasonable to live at home
are in psychiatric confinement because you have been charged with an offence Customer in psychiatric confinement form – this needs to be completed by the psychiatric institution
Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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